Remove Ubuntu from Boot Order in Windows 7

               It is easy to install Ubuntu Linux operating system inside widows as dual boot OS by installing it into the another drive.But some people says it is difficult to use, we can not play game etc reasons.. after that they also uninstall Ubuntu too easily..... but in some cases when they restart their computer they get shocked ! because Ubuntu is still exist in boot problem persist solution is also available from computer geeks...

Windows 7:

            Windows 7 provides command  "BCDEDIT"
     This will show you the operating systems that are configured in the bcd (boot configuration data). The bcd is used by the boot manager to display the boot entries you see on the screen when booting.

to remove Ubuntu entry follow the simple steps..

1.  Goto start and type command

2.  Left click on Command Prompt-> run as administrator

3. Type BCDEDIT hit enter
    you will see all the list of OS stored in BCD.

4. Find Ubuntu in list, and copy identifier,
for example:- {1cbb6c62-657a-11e0-8a1d-f85522644714}

5. Type  BCDEDIT /DELETE {paste here identifier}
  for example:- BCDEDIT /DELETE {1cbb6c62-657a-11e0-8a1d-f85522644714}
then hit enter..

6. Finish, You can view refresh OS List by again typing BCDEDIT.

* for other OS i will make post soon...thank you for reading !!


  1. Thanks! That worked great.

  2. It worked! Thank you!!!!!!!


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