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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How To Resume Expired Videos From YouTube or ?

>> How to resume expired videos from YouTube or <<
Many people have internet connection with slower speed; because of this issue they are just like struggling to download video clips from the You Tube or sites. One of the most drawbacks of downloading video from such site is the session expiration because you can’t resume downloading once your session is expired.
So, the solution is to generate new fresh session address for the same video file. No matter how you will generate new session address, because here most requirements is to only generate new address and alter it with your last address in your download manager.
Session: when you start downloading video from such sites server, video server creates your session and unique address for you such as following - ( so on)
Remember that you can resume downloading only if your download manager software support altering of address or refreshing the expired address. Here I have used IDM (Internet Download Manager) demonstrate process of resuming expired video from, you also need address generator such like YouTube downloader[DOWNLOAD] and voobys downloader[DOWNLOAD] software.
So let’s start now..
1] Internet Download Manager

2] Voobys Downloader
You can also use you-tube downloader (only for YouTube server)
But voobys work for you-tube as well as
3] Your Expired Video
It will show following message after resuming expired video.
Close the window or ignore.

4] Copy Reference Address
Now right click on your expired video file in download manager and copy expired reference address.

-It will be like: &swresult=............and so on) [old address]

5] Obtain Actual Address
But, copy all the address which appears before string “&swresult” as shown in above link in step [4] (underlined).
6] Generate new address
Now open voobys downloader or you tube downloader and paste content copied in step [5].
Wait for some movement (depend on your internet speed), internet Explorer will be get opened automatically with the page from where you started video downloader as shown in below...
7] Obtain New Address
Method 1>
Now click on download link or copy it by using right click or from address bar of the Internet Explorer.
Method 2>
Open that page in IE from where you started downloading of video initially and generate new address using you-tube downloader or voobys downloader and copy it.
It will be look like following link:
( so on)[New Address]
8] Update Expired Address
Now right click on your expired video file in download manager and alter your old address [Not A Reference] with newly obtained address in step [7] and click on ok.
9] Finish
Now click on resume tab in IDM, video will get resume.
* If you fail to resume the downloading, please inform me, I’ll try to solve it because you are the best tester of any condition that may occur in this trick.


  1. thank's for this tutorial man, but for youtube how its work ?

  2. Go to the same downloading page from where you started download...
    again download video with new name...
    stop/pause it
    go to the step 8->Method 2> in above article...

  3. Thanks A Bunch Brother!
    And Here Some Updates!
    I Tried To download GOGOANIME(HEHE I'm A Anime Freak)Videos Using Above Method(Only Using IDM)And It worked Like A Dream! :)
    And I Think You Really Don't Need Those Additional Downloaders!Just Go To Download Page Start New Download Pause And Cancel It And Then Go to It's Properties Copy Address Link And Paste It To Old File's Address!And Then Click Resume!
    :D And Again Thanks A Lot!Your Blog Is Awesome!
    Keep It Up!

  4. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!! also to Akalanka Sandaruwan ....

  5. let those hieroglyphics aside download you tube video failed download while using idm any version, asume 1> u tried resume got msg can't download, 2>then did refresh adds then got new dwn link, 3> expire link rep msg, 4>clicked yes, 5>got new link success, now tried resume but got msg insted of file server sent web page, alass cant download???
    no prob idm user just, 1>go to failed dl in idm right click reffresh add,keep waiting pop up as it is(u can move pop up any where but stay waiting) 2> let it load till geting the exact file size u were downloading, 3>click that file size,get link success,4>now on idm Rclik,click resume (charm)get file dl from broken point, easy as A B C

  6. great tip man, I seriously didn't know that. This tip of your will seriously help me watch youtube videos when slow bandwidth and I could resume. Great share.


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